Carmipret -

Anti-Spasmodic / Anti-Flatulent

Properties and actions:

Carmipret acts by causing smooth muscle relaxation and blocking the influx of calcium into muscle cells. This improves the rhythmic contraction of the intestine and relieves spasm.
Carmipret’s carminative effect; relieves abdominal distension and flatulence. Carmipret’s choleretic effect; improves dyspeptic symptoms as well as intestinal symptoms.
Carmipret enteric coated capsules will not breakdown until it reaches the small intestine, so it doesn’t cause heartburn. 


  • Functional dyspepsia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome


  • One capsule 3 times daily, 15-30 minutes before meals


  • In cases of biliary obstruction

Side Effects:

  • None reported within the therapeutic dose

Each enteric coated capsule contains:

  • Peppermint oil 90 mg
  • Caraway oil 50 mg 

Pack size:

30 capsules in 3 blisters

Precautions / Drug interactions:

  • Carmipret and antacids should be taken with an interval around one hour to avoid premature dissolution of the capsule.