Viscum Fraxini 4

Viscum Fraxini 4 -


Properties and actions:

Viscum Fraxini 4, Mistletoe extract, stimulates the T-cell and B-cell components of the immune system, which leads to the expression and release of cytokines and proliferation and activation of immuno-competent cells.
Viscum Fraxini 4 is associated with improvement of patients' quality of life parameters, as it stimulates the secretion of endogenous β-endorphins with consequent control of pain, improvement of appetite and sleep quality.
Treatment with Viscum Fraxini 4 is associated with increased level of endogenous interferon that protects cells from viral infection. 


  • Viral infections e.g. hepatitis virus, papilloma virus
  • Immune enhancer in cases of immune deficiency e.g. post chemotherapy, convalescence, etc.


  • Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician; 1 ampoule subcutaneous Viscum Fraxini 4, once/week. For full mode of administration refer to Viscum Fraxini 4 product monograph  


  • In acute inflammatory conditions or if the temperature is above 38°C, treatment should be discontinued until the fever and the inflammation subside
  • Known hypersensitivity to Mistletoe preparations
  • Studies on use for infants and young children are not available
  • In pregnancy the therapy should be limited to special circumstances. 

Side Effects:

  • For full information about side effects refer to Viscum Fraxini 4 product monograph

Each amouple of 1 ml contains:

  • Mistletoe extract 0.15 mg (Equivalent to 100 ng Lectins) 

Pack size:

3 ampoules each 1 ml of aqueous solution for injection

Precautions / Drug interactions:

  • Keep in cool and dry place (8-16°C) on the refrigerator’s shelf
  • Keep out of reach of children