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ATOS Pharma working closely with the Professors of the Heliopolis UniversityATOS is a pioneer Phyto-Pharmaceutical company in Egypt which adopts the concept of natural healing by enhancing the body’s own healing forces using natural remedies from herbal extracts, dietary supplements and orthomolecular medicine. In the process of all illnesses there are energetic and biochemical imbalances either in the form of deficiencies of vital substances or accumulation of harmful metabolites, which in turn disrupt the health state of the human being. ATOS products are basically aiming to heal the whole person rather than just suppressing the symptoms of diseases, in accordance with this principle ATOS is manufacturing its whole range of products to offer a more comprehensive natural method of treatment for a variety of diseases through regaining the balance of the human being as a whole.
Holistic Approach of Atospharma.comThis holistic approach of ATOS Pharma is the keystone of the new uprising revolution in the field of medicine. In response to World Health Organisation (WHO) declarations, ATOS Pharma was the first in Egypt to support the concept of Holistic and Integrative Medicine that combines the benefits from conventional medicine as well as, well documented Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) according to the regulations of World Health Organization on CAM. In cooperation with European Universities and international scientific centers, ATOS Pharma has conducted researches in the field of natural remedies as a part of holistic medicine therapies.